Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Majestic places of India (Top 3)

Have you ever been in India ,if your answer is no than you seen nothing in life , 
India is the Oldest civilization on earth and one of the most diverse nation .You can find many different  places that you never thought . Home to more than one billion people, the India
 Bristles with an eclectic melange of ethnic groups, which translates into an intoxicating cultural
India is a diverse country steeped in history. Its past has seen a melting pot of different religions, rulers and cultures, which have left their mark on the countryside.

The top 3 beautiful places of India are:--
  1. The Taj Mahal

 Taj Mahal of India - "the epitome of love", "a monument of  Immeasurable beauty". The Taj is               undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings of the world  Located at the city of Agra in the State of Uttar Pradesh, situated about 200 km south of New Delhi,

2.   Mumbai: -- 

Mumbai is the financial Hub and largest city of India and home of the biggest film industry      of the world .The Mumbai’s old name was “Bombay” changed for some political reason .Mumbai is a very populace city but has some great attraction

3. Kerala:-

-Kerala is a state located in south India and on the bank of Arabian Sea to  the west .The kerala is known for its spices . Kerala has all the needs that a tourist want, hills covered with luxuriant and natural greenery, beaches. Moreover, Kerala has acres of coconut palms, rice barges, temples and many more.


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