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Bhopal: The best of the best

Bhopal is the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is formally known as Bhopal state together with “Raisen” and “Sehore” District. The Bhopal state had second largest Muslim population in undivided India followed by Hyderabad before Independence. The name “Bhopalis derived from the name “Bhojpal”. The “Bhoj” was a King of 10’Th century whose capital was “Dhar” in Madhya Pradesh.

The modern Bhopal was invented by an Afghan warrior “Dost Mohammad Khan”. The Bhopal area lies in the Vindhya Range of Central India. It has some beautiful lakes and parks. Bhopal is also known as “City Of lakes”, because of It’s seven beautiful lakes.

Once Paralyzed by the infamous “Bhopal gas disaster”, Bhopal now has overcome with many environmental challenges. Now Bhopal is one of the greenest cities of India. It has some great monument also. The “Taj-UL Masjid” is the Asia’s largest Mosque by the area, The “Birla temple” and many places are very beautiful and scenic. Bhopal is divided into two part name “Old Bhopal and New Bhopal”. Old Bhopal has its own blend and flavor. The new Bhopal is quite developed as compared to old Bhopal. The Bhopal is not over populated like Delhi, Mumbai or other metro cities, this make Bhopal less chaotic and safe city.

It has also some fantastic places for nature lovers like “Van Vihar national Park”, “Ratapani abhyaran”(wild life sanctuary near Bhopal), and nearby “Bori” and “Satpura Tiger reserve”. Bhopal serves a wide range of tourist attraction and it is one of the few areas which have those kinds of different attractions.

Major Tourist attraction in Bhopal:

Upper lake or “Bada talab:-

Upper Lake

The Upper Lake or “Bada Talab” is the largest Lake of Bhopal. It is made in the regime of Raja Bhoj. It is one of the largest sources of drinking water for Bhopal city with the share of 40%.

Bada Talab has a very beautiful surroundings. One small island is also present in the middle of the lake. The island has a Muslim Shrine.

Birla Temple or Birla Mandir:-

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir is dedicated to “Lord Laxminarain” It is situated in the middle of the Bhopal at the “Shyamla Hills”. You can view the marvelous glimpse of Old Bhopal from the height of Birla Mandir

Manuabhan ki tekdi and Gufa Mandir:-
Manuabhan Ki Tekdi

Gufa Mandir

There is lots of religious Place in Bhopal. “Manu abhan Ki Tekdi” and Gufa Mandir” are very famous attraction. The Manuabhan ki tide is dedicated to Jain tradition and it has some idol of “Jain Acharyas and Munis”. The Tekdi means the hilltop area in local Hindi.

The Gufa Mandir is believed to be founded in 1949.

Both temples are very beautiful. Both are situated at the distance of approx 1 K.M. in “Lalghati”area of Bhopal

Taj-UL-Masjid (Taj-UL- Mosque):-


Taj-UL-Masjid is situated in Old Bhopal. It is one of the largest Masques in the world and regarded as the largest mosque in Asia.
This mosque was built by “Shaha Jaha Begum”, the female titular ruler of Bhopal. Another small mosque was also built near this giant mosque named “Dhai Sidi Ki Masjid” which is regarded as the smallest mosque in Asia.

Moti Masjid:-

Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid is another beautiful mosque situated in Bhopal; build by another woman ruler named “Sikander begum”. It is situated in the old city.

Van Vihar National Park:-

White Tiger In Van Vihar

Van Vihar national Park is one of the smallest national parks in India by the area. It is very close to Upper Lake. This national park has many types of animal which is worth to watch. The surroundings of this area also make it a very scenic place.

The list is very long. Bhopal on the whole is a beautiful city. There are also some great monuments and structure around Bhopal like “Bhimbetka” and “Sanchi”. Both are “ UNESCO world heritage sites”.

Places around Bhopal

Bhimbetka rock shelters:-

Rock Shelters In Bhim Bhetka

Bhimbetka has the earliest sign of human presence on earth. The rock painting and shelters of Bhimbetka are approximately 30000 year old. It is some 45 km from Bhopal. These shelters are listed in “Unesco World Heritage Sites”.

Sanchi group of Buddhist Monuments:-

Sanchi Main Stupa

Satdhara Stupa

Sanchi is located at the distance of 45 km. From Bhopal. “Sanchi” is the name of the village which has some great Buddhist monuments. It is also one “ UNESCO world heritage sites”. The monuments of Sanchi are originally made by “King Ashoka” in the 3rd century. There is a place near Sanchi named “Satdhara” has also contain some Buddhist monuments.

Bhojpur temple: -

Shiv Lingam in Bhojpur Temple

Incomplete Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur temple is located at the distance of 28 km. From Bhopal. This temple is made by King Bhoj (or Bhoja) in 11’Th century. It has large “shiv lingam” (18 ft.). The Bhojpur temple is the uncompleted temple because of unclear reason. The ruins of the temple and the palace of King Bhoja are also visible in surrounding of this beautiful place.


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