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Tips for travel In India

India is the country which has all things surprising you. If anyone wants t travel freely without ant hesitation In India they should know some facts and realities about India. India has a unique culture; from Srinagar to far southern Kanyakumari one can feel the different culture and lifestyle of people.
You have to keep in mind following tips while traveling India

 Deciding the route: -

When you are prepared to travel to India, make some route plan. Although it is depends on how much day you are going to spend in India. Choose the places of your interest first. If you are going to 1 week or greater then there you could go to a wide range of attraction in India. One thing you should keep in mind that choosing the right route is very essential thing because there are some security concerns in some part of India, although it is not serious but precaution is better. You can take help from any friends who had traveled to India previously or you can go to websites of tourist department of India which could be helpful for you.
Some of them are http://www.tourisminindia.com/
Weather does matter:-

If you are In India in hot month of May or June, you could be fussed by hot temperature of India. Although there are many place like Upper north, and northeast and some hill station In India, who are not so warm but most of The India has a temperature of 35 to 48 degree Celsius.
So in summer avoid traveling in Central India ( Khajuraho, Bhopal, Nagpur, Indore, Bhimbethka) and Western India ( Mumbai, Pune Gujrat, Rajasthan).

During summer the weather becomes pleasant. Some part of India witnesses chilly cold like Jammu Kashmir. Uttaranchal, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarpradesh, north-east.

India is one of most rainy country. It receives quite a good some time heavy rain. In the Gangetic plane and Brahmputra river area, there are always a risk of flooding in rainy season. So always look at some weather condition while traveling in India in rainy season.

The Average temperatures of different regions of India during both the cold and hot season are listed below:-

  Region                                                                                 Average Temperature Range (In°C)  
                                                                                                          In Summer         In Cold

Western India (Rajasthan, Maharastra, Gujrat etc...)                     -         35 – 48        12 –18

Central India (MadhyaPradesh, Chattisgarh, South UttarPradesh)  -          35 – 45       9 –15

South India (Tamilnadu, Karnataka, kerala, AndhraPraesh, Goa,    -          35 – 45     16 – 20
                     Andaman and Nikobar Island etc…)      

North India (Delhi, North Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh,
                    Uttarakhand, Punjab. Himachal)                               -            15 – 42        7 – 13

Eastern India (Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa)                    -          30 – 44        6 – 12

North East India (Seven Sister States Incuding North W. Bengal)   -            8 – 35       11 – 17

It is noted that In winter season there are always a possibilities of heavy snow fall In Himalaya region of India, specially in Jammu Kashmir region. The road could be jammed and closed in Kashmir valley specially SrinagarJammu National Highway, because of heavy snowfall. So you should be updated about the weather forecast if you are planning to visit in Himalayan region.

Respect, humanity, and you are done. -

I am not going to give you a huge guideline or advisory for travel in India, instead I want to say India is a huge country with lots of colors. I can’t explain each color and you can’t understand each so if you want to rally enjoy the India, feel from your heart.


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