Sunday, 11 August 2013

KFC Chicken vs Indian Fried Chicken

Hello guys today I am discussing about the KFC Chicken and Indian fried chicken. Today I just had a treat at the KFC restaurant, it was my first KFC encounter. It was delicious and  good as I thought. But in many extent it was very similar to the Indian fried chicken which sell in the many old cities of India. I am from Bhopal and I tested the fried chicken from the old Bhopal's traditional restaurant. These restaurants use more spices and oil in this fried chicken but in tests it is quite similar. The difference of price is not fair as both the dish is same, uses the same ingredients. The major difference between them is the" Brand". The chicken fries in oiled Bhopal are priced 30 INR while the KFC chicken fries prices 99 INR. Big difference!


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