Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Unexplored Destinations Of India- Part 1 "Central India".

There are numerous destination in all over the India which is quite hidden and Unexplored. Some of them are truly capable of being a world class destination of tourism.
India is home of of the ancient civilization as well as has many cultural groups, that's why India has lots of monuments of ancient era and lots of ruins of palaces.

The Central India is very rich in cultural heritage. The tribes living in central India is believed to be the oldest inhabitants of India.

Today in this post I will talk about some hidden and unexplored destination across central India.

1. Kukru- Khamla -  Dist.-Betul (Madhya Pradesh)
                                                Kukru and Khamla is a twin village in Betul District of Madhya Pradesh. It is approx 300 KM from the MadhyaPradesh Capital BhopalIt is lie on the mighty "Satpura mountan range". Kumru- Khamla is very beautiful area and the tribal people living in this area also very simple. the main tribe living in this area is "Korku". In recent times many a wind energy project has been installing in this area because of hight of this place.


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