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Best Tourist Attractions In Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India. Madhya Pradesh is located in center in India so it is often regarded as heart of India.
Madhya Pradesh has a great potential to become the tourist capital of India. It's tribal treasures in south and west, Buddhist ancient sites in north and central and lots of ancient sites as well as natural places make this state a unique location to visit. The world famous temples of "Khajuraho" and ancient caves of "Bhimbethka", are located in Madhya Pradesh. These two are also a world heritage sites.
Madhya Pradesh is rich in forests and there are several beautiful hilly area as well. Many places are still is not known for outside worlds. As many popular tourist places in India are packed by tourist, these central state has a new flavor for the tourist and sure can become a new reason to visit India.

In this article I will show you some great places of Madhya Pradesh. First of all lets have a look on the map of Madhya Pradesh

Here are a list for some great tourist attraction all over in Madhya Pradesh :-

1. Khajurao :-

Khajurao is famous for it's ancient temples. It is a world heritage sites and very famous in world. These temples has some erotic art which is very unique and depicts the then lifestyle of kings and queens of India. It is made by Chandella kings during 10'th and 11'th Century.

Khajuraho Sculpture 

Khajuraho temple
Khajuraho Temple
How to reach Khajuraho :-

Location -  Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh, India

By Air -     Khajuraho has a air port which is connected to all major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai,                      Varanasi, Bhopal.

By Train -  Khajuraho station is only connected to some small towns. But there is a direct train from                     Indian capital New Delhi. Mahoba railway station which has a distance of 75 k.m. is                             well connected to major Indian cities.

By Road  -  Khajuraho is well Connected by road. You can find many private as well as chartered                          buses or taxis from nearby cities like Jhansi, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur.

2. Bhimbetka :-  

 Bhimbetka is famous for its rock sheltors. The Bhimbetka rock shelters is one of the oldest human shelters in the world. it has some early human traces. There are many rock paintings in these shelters and some of them are 30000 years old. This place is worth visiting and can give a glimpse of how our ancestors live in their time.

Bhimbetka Painting
Paintings Of  Bhimbetka

Bhimbetka caves
Bhimbetka rocks

Bhimbetka paint2
Bhimbetka paint2

How to reach Bhimbetka :-

Location - District- Raisen, Madhya Pradsh, India

By Air -   Bhimbeka is located nearby state capital Bhopal. Bhopal airport at a distance of 50 k.m., is a nearest airport from Bhimbetka.

By Train.- Bhopal and Habibganj railway stations are two major railway stations nearby Bhimbetka.                     Both staions are very well connected to all over the India. Habibganj railway station as a                     distance of around 38 k.m. and Bhopal is around 45 K.m.

By Road :- Bhimbetka is lie on the national highway-69, which connects Obedullaganj to Nagpur.                          Bhopal has a direct connectivity to Bhimbetka

3.  Panchmadi :- 

 Panchmadi is another great tourist place in Madhya Pradesh. It is located in valley valley. valley  valley is on of the greenest area in India.
 it is a small portion of the larger "Satpura Mountain Range".
 Panchmadi is very beautiful place. There are many natural spots for visit. Panchmadi is also has a  religious importance that's why many domestic tourist came here for religious purpose.

Lake in Panchmadi

jatashankar panchmadi
religious temple In Pachmadi

pandava caves panchmadi
Pandava Caves

satpura forest panchamdi
Satpura Forest

chourgrh panchmadi
Way to Chouragarh Hill Temple
How to Reach panchmadi :-

Location - District- Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India

By Air - The nearest airport from Panchmadi is Bhopal which is roughly 190 k,m. from here. also Nagpur international airport is 262 k,m. from here.

By Train :- The nearest railway station is "Pipariya", at a distance of 47 k.m. Pipariya is well connected to major India cities.

By Road :-  There are two major roads connected to Panchmadi. One from Nagpur via Chhindwara and other from Pipariya. Both Road condition is good.

More Places Coming Soon....


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    MP is the second largest state in India. there is most popular place Khajuraho which is famous for Khajuraho Temple. Again is one of most Hindi pilgrim place which famous for Kumbha Mela.
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