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Authentic Indian Chicken recipes

Indian foods are always a delightful treat. Indians food has lots o f variety of vegetarian foods, but the non-vegetarian foods are also of the best In worlds. The Indian chicken recipes are very famous in all over the world for its quality and taste. Spices are the integral part of Indian cuisine specially it non-veg like chicken recipes its essential. The world famous “Garam Masala” is used almost all chicken dishes in India. This garam masala is very common in Indian sub-continent and it is made by mixing up different spices in powder form. There are many “raw spices” also used In Indian chicken curry recipe, like Cilantro/Coriander, Chilies, Cinnamon, Cloves, Curry leaves, Tamarind and many more.

Indian curry chicken recipe like “Chicken tikka masala”, butter chicken are very famous dish in all over the world. You may amazed by how the each recipe has almost same ingredients and process but yet they can test differently, that is the quality of Indian cooking. In Indian cooking there are same spices used in almost all recipes but the different is in the process and timing of these spices and ingidents. Timing is very important in Indian cooking.
India is home of world’s largest population of vegetarian but there are also a great number of non-vegetarian. The modern form of Indian chicken recipes has a touch of mogul and Persian cooking. The moguls had rued almost all sub-continent and there has a significant presence in the Indian foods of mogul’s tradition.
There are many uncommon things between north Indian non-veg cooking and south Indian non-Indian non-veg cooking. Also in west Bengal you can find some different type of chicken recipes which are usually not common in rest of India.
Although almost all of the Indian chicken recipes use same spices and ingredients. The garlic, ginger and onion are the basic ingredients for curry in almost all recipes like chicken curry, butter chicken, kadai chicken, tandoori chicken,
In the whole there are many varieties of chicken recipes in India and all of them are unique and delicious and most important they are different from each other. That is the reason why Indian curry chicken recipe are so famous in whole world

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