Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to find relevant blogs for commenting?

How to find relevant blogs for commenting?

Finding a good blog is very important in blog commenting. Blog comment is very important in terms of search engine optimization. It can quickly grow your website’s ranking and traffic. But how to find a relevant blog that allow comments on its articles? Well there are some Google search terms which you can use to find some relevant blogs to comment. Remember you should comment on only relevant to your website and your comment should look like more natural not promotional, otherwise the comment would be deleted by moderators and sometime your website or your IP could be labeled as spam sources.

To find relevant blogs you can search in Google with different terms

1   site:blogspot.com "Post a Comment" +"Term"
2       site:typepad.com "URLs automatically linked." +"Term" -"comments are moderated" -" Please sign in before leaving a comment."
3       site:blogsome.com -"comments are moderated"+"Live Preview:"+ "Term"
4       site:blog.com URI OR Website +"Leave a Reply"+"Term"
5       site:blogspirit.com "Post a comment"+"Your URL:"+"Term"
6       site:blog.symbaloo.com "leave a reply"+"Term"

The above search terms are for specified sites if you want to search all type of blog you can also search
1. KEYWORDS “leave a comment”
2. KEYWORDS “reply to post”
3. KEYWORDS “leave comment”

You can also use Google Blog Search for finding blogs. You can also use only “post a comment” term for getting all WebPages which allow comments


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