Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Madan Mahal Fort: An Example of Negligence of History

Madan Mahal Fort is an 11'th century built fort, situated in the city of Jabalpur, Madhyapradesh,India. This fort is built on a rock hill top and you can see the whole jabalpur city from it. I visited recently here and stunned by it's great beauty but that is not the main I reason I am writing this post.

The Entraince Board

The main reason behind this post is negligence of history and the culture by the governments and also peoples.If you read the history you can find the area of east and south Madhya pradesh like Jabalpur, Mandla,Chhindwara, Betul and it's surrounding areas are ruled by the Gond rulers at some time. These rulersbuilt many forts and Madan Mahal is one of them, despite of ignorance you can say that this is the most well maintained or "survived" fort. and It looked like because of these rulers are gond or "Scheduled Tribe", nobody is interested to maintain or preserve this rich heritage.

Madan Mahal Fort

The hill in which the fort is built is now witnessing by a large number of encrochment by the people. Some Hindu Temple Muslim religious place is also there, which should not be there because this is 11'th century fort how can be people are so ignorant to this fort.

Now if you  see the condition of the fort you can say that there is no proper information written anywhere, if it were I think people had damaged for no reason. I saw two guards on top of the fort but none of them are polite and they did not look like doing duty but just sitting at a place. The fort condition is not so good.

Top View from Madan Mahal

All I want to say that the government has to do something for this centuries old fort and they and people should make a step forward to preserve this kind of place and please stop encroaching these area  and government should make this spot a well maintained tourist spot like they did for other spots in Rajasthan with proper information and guides.

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Here are some other Pictures of madan Mahal Fort.

The staire-of-madan-mahal






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